Camera Package

  • Sony FS7 MKii
  • 2 x 128GB Cards
  • Fujinon MK 18-55mm Lens
  • Fujinon MK 50-150mm Lens
  • Sigma Art 50-100mm 1.8 Lens.
  • Atomos Ninja Flame 7″ Monitor
  • 2 x 150 Watt V-Mount Batteries

Camera Support

  • Sachtler 1062 DV 10SB SpeedBalance Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Manfrotto 504 HD Tripod
  • Cinevate Duzi 4 32″ Slider


  • F&V z800s 2×1 LED Softpanel w/softbox
  • Fiilex P360 Pro LED Light
  • Kinotehnik Practilite 602 Fresnel


  • Custom Built PC Workstation
  • 8-Core Intel 9900K
  • 64 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI
  • 16TB RAID Storage

Need more lighting firepower, 2nd Camera, additional crew? Not a problem, I have everything you need to get your production underway. If I don’t have it, I can get it through various rental channels.

Post Production

Don’t have time for doing the post yourself? I have you covered. I can handle everything from simple edits, all the way up to complicated and resource intensive 4K projects with motion graphics.